New Years Resolutions

So i’ve just finished writing a looooong list of blog post ideas ready for 2017, and this year I am adamant that i’m going to commit to this blog. I love writing and blogging so it really needs to become a part of my weekly routine.

Alopecia and hair loss are taboo subjects and I really want my positive journey to help, encourage and inspire others. To be honest wigs don’t have to be functional, or just for people with hair loss. Wigs are fun, and I know so many people that wear wigs for fashion and cosplay.. which leads me on to my new years resolutions nicely.


+ blog about various topics. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to comment below

2. Travel

I reallllly want to make the most of this year and visit as many places as possible. Thailand is on the list but hopefully I can get some city breaks in between too. I’ll document my trips and all things wig related on the way!

3. Obviously the standard eat better, stay fit blah blah blah .. I do actually really enjoy keeping fit and the odd bit of cooking and this year I aim to do the Manchester Great Swim. Think you can’t do it wearing a wig? Watch me

4.  Train my naughty, mischievous little doggies. I need a miracle to be honest so any help is welcome haha!

5. Become a fully qualified (part time) make up artist. For those of you that don’t know i’m currently training in the art of make up. I love it, it’s more of a hobby at the moment but i love making people up when I have the chance to.

Ok, I think 5 is enough. I don’t want to over do it! I hope you all had a great new year. Here’s a little selfie from my new year wearing my new wig. & yes, i’ve got a fringe! Bit different for me, but I love it and it’s quickly become one of my go-to everyday wigs.

Ps. For anyone wondering about my make up products i’m using to get a flawless dewy look, i’m wearing Nars sheer glow foundation, Illamasqua skin base lift concealer, and Touche Eclat, and sleek highlighter.


Let me know what you think and if you have any resolutions for 2017. Let’s try stick to them!

Grey Hair Appreciation

OK, so I’ve been a teeny bit distant for a while, but i’m officially back..

I might have mentioned before that I do some (amateur) catwalk modelling for a fabulous wig company based in Huddersfield. Yesterday I was there on my monthly visit and spent my whole day lusting over this amazing wig. Its from the Noriko new collection and they have a number of new colours. You might have noticed that recently grey hair has been massive, well i’m about to jump on the bandwagon because the Tessa wig in colour Illuminated R is an absolute dream!

I actually regret not going home with it yesterday so i’ve currently got it on order, so I won’t spoil all the fun now because i’ll be doing a full review when it arrives. But for now, feast your eyes on this..


Wearing a wig & exercise

So many people ask me this question.. How do you exercise wearing a wig? Does it stay on? Is it hot and itchy?

Exercise and sport have always been a huge part of my life ever since I was playing netball at school. Now i’m older and very body conscious, (probably a bit too hard on myself, so i’ve been told) so I try to keep in shape by going to outdoor fit camps 4 times a week. These are high intensity circuit training classes and we face all weather. I mean wind rain and snow!! I’ve got lotus fitness academy to thank for that (go check them out) but anyway..wearing a wig isn’t going to stop me from doing what I want.

If you know me, you’ll already know that i’m very motivated and ambitious so I’m not one to let something get in the way of achieving my goals, and neither should you! Yeah i’ve had a few wind swept scares in high force gales HA but so what? I put a hat on and I get on with it.

For me I prefer outdoor activities because it’s more exciting, and I get pushed to my maximum ability, but in terms of wearing a wig It also has it’s benefits. I used to go to a gym for years and every time, i’d step on the treadmill facing the condensated windows, surrounded by glamorous girls with a face full of make up.. and then there is me. Feeling conscious of my wig and the fact that I was sweating double the amount because it felt like I was wearing a hat!! To be honest, it’s much cooler exercising outside as silly as it sounds.

I suppose other problems that you might face if you’re a necessity wearer like me, is that you don’t want to ruin your beautiful wigs. Now that i’ve got a bit of a collection of wigs going on, i’ve kinda categorised them; every day use, going-out-out and then i’ve got some older wigs which I don’t wear as much and which are slightly shorter and easier to manage. These are my gym wigs!

reviteObviously excessive sweating at the gym is going to take some effect on your wig which is why it’s important to regularly wash them with shampoo specifically for synthetic wigs. You can buy these here. Then just spritz your wig with some revitaliser or conditioner and you’re good to go. If you’re a regular wig wearer, then you will know how easy it is to damage your wig, which is why I would stress that its important to wear one which has seen better days. One which you’re not all that excited about anymore. Only because we can try our hardest to keep our wigs in beautiful condition, or regularly wash and revitalise them, but once that fibres gone, it’s gone. I’ve added a pic of a product which I use and love..

Now it also depends what type of exercise that you do to, to know what lengths you’re going to go to for your wig to stay secure. But to be completely honest, i’m often sprinting up and down hills in wind and rain, with no wig tape and i’m just fine. All I wear at the moment is a wig cap, to keep any bits of hair that I do have (minimum) tucked in. This actually does the trick for me. Sometimes I’ll chuck a hairband on as well or a hat for some extra protection but I suppose with time, It’s just become the norm for me and I don’t actually worry about it.

I’m hoping that if anyone reading this is new to wearing wigs and has any of the above concerns, that eventually you’ll also just learn to live with it. It becomes a second nature with things like this. You just get used to it with practice. I promise 🙂

Ps. I tried my hardest to find a picture of me wearing a wig whilst exercising but apparently it doesn’t exist!! I’ll get you one next time and you can hold me to it!

Love s




Confessions of a wig wearer

OK, so i’ve had a change of heart. I love fashion and I will still be blogging about fashion every now and again, but personally, without blowing my own trumpet I think I have a lot more to give. I want to inspire, advise and tell my story and journey about wearing a wig. I enjoy telling my story. There are good memories and bad memories but most of all it’s made me the person that I am today. Riding out the storm, has made me stronger, and in terms of my alopecia, I have never been more confident. I want that to help people.

I don’t know if there is many of you out there that will be interested, never mind inspired. But i’ll be blogging about everything from fashion wigs, styling your wig, to genuine trivial problems like exercising in a wig. There will also be some laughs thrown in along the way, I’ve had my fair share of wig problems. I hope to build a few more loyal readers along the way and I look forward to hearing from you all, but in the meantime if anyone out there, happens to come across this post, then please, let me know if you want me to cover anything in particular.

In the next few days, I’ll be posting about my fave wigs. I have a growing collection that I’d love to share with you all. I’ll also be changing my domain name to confessionsofawigwearer very soon so keep posted.

s x

Wearing a wig -My Journey

bobSo I’ve mentioned that I wear a wig, but I haven’t really gone in to the details. Seen as though it’s one of the main reasons I decided to start this blog, I thought that it’s only fair that I share my journey. The short version!

So a time where I can barely even remember I was diagnosed with Alopecia. The worst part about it, is that there is no reason, no answer and no cure and for a 10 year that is pretty tough! I remember the day that I decided enough was enough. It was time to take the plunge and get a wig. It was scary, but now its the norm for me.

There is nothing better than that new wig kinda feeling. The fresh fibres and bouncy locks which resemble a Loreal advert. Better than any blow dry. I suppose at first, I felt like people would know that I was wearing a wig. But eventually as I grew up, I realised that the important people that I surrounded myself with didn’t care if I had hair or not.

Now a wig is just part of who I am, so why not be selfish? I have a collection probably of about 15 different wigs now, and I get to take my pick each and every morning. Over the years my confidence has grown and I want to share my challenges and how to overcome them. There’s an important person in my life who has helped my confidence- I never imagined that I could really show my true self, my wig-less self to a BOY. YES A BOY. & even now a year on from the day I revealed all, he still claims that he prefers me with no hair at all! I can honestly say I am completely comfortable with myself wearing a wig & every hair related challenge that comes my way I overcome. Even things so small..

One night out, when I was a student, after a few too many drinks and drunken hair flicks, I remember picking my wig and my dignity off of the dance floor embarrassed. I look back it now and howl with laughter! But these things happen and I learnt from it.

My stories, my experiences, and my advice. That’s what I want to establish on here. As well as my fabulous style (obviously) HA. Over time, i’ll be posting about the challenges anyone suffering from hair loss and wearing a wig might come across.

How it stays on? How to wash it? How to regain your confidence. I hope that my blog can help in some way shape or form. If not for advice, for laughs, because there’s a few good stories to read along the way!

I’ve added a a pic of todays wig. What do you think? I think it feels pretty natural but I’d love to know your opinion!

S x

Appreciation for my faux croc skin boots

Faux croc skin boots

Yes, you read it right..

Appreciation for my faux croc skin boots. Aren’t they just delightful? You might recognise them from my previous post Payday Treats and they finally arrived. These beauties are from River Island and they might just be my wardrobe staple for Autumn and Winter.

Today I took these baby’s for a spin, and this is what I wore..

Outfit of the Day

In case any of you are wondering here are the outfit details. I love wearing khaki, mostly because it suits me, but this jumper mini dress was an absolute bargain from Primark at only £10. Couldn’t quite believe it. Paired it with a pair of tights, because I do have to go to work and slightly unshaven legs aren’t appropriate for the office. As it is still technically Summer, I didn’t want to wear a coat so a Zara sleeveless duster coat and some tousled locks later, my outfit was complete.

Let me know what you think of my outfit..

S x


Girls Night

After a very looong week at work I was looking forward to a girls night in Manchester. I’m so lucky to live in such a vibrant city and we headed to the Northern Quarter to enjoy one to many cocktails.

Like most girls I love getting dolled up, but deciding what to wear has to be the most difficult part of the process. Here’s what I decided to go with…

This little number is perfect for a summer night out. This playsuit as seen on Charlotte Crosby, is from In The Style which you can buy here. It’s so comfortable, and I felt both girly and glam all night long. Not to mention it also hid my cocktail baby belly after drinking too many frozen strawberry daiquiris.

My shoes I absolutely LOVE, and luckily arrived just in time for the weekend from Public Desire. I am obsessed with online shopping at the moment, it’s becoming a problem HA! but these guys at Public Desire made it easy with super quick delivery.

I paired this with my fave staple Moschino Bag which was a naughty treat to myself from House of Fraser. It’s so classic I wear it with almost everything!

All this and a smokey eye and some Mac spice lippy and we’re good to go!

I’ll be taking this outfit on holiday with me, which by the way is in 3 weeks! Can’t wait.

Ciao for now

S x

Payday Treats

Well aside from the usual manicure, and bottle of wine consumed on payday. Here’s what will be skintin’ me this month.

I know it’s still technically classed as Summer, but lets be honest our British Summer hasn’t exactly been great, and some of these new season Autumn buys, are absolutely-cannot-live-without-material.

You might notice a pattern occurring here, due to my love of both denim… and shoes.

Wanna buy them yourself? Just click on the image and head straight over to buy.

Also, keep watching to see how I style them, when they arrive on my doorstep.

s x

Payday Treats

ASOS Denim Dress

Pay Day Treats

Pay Day Treats

Paradise in Capri

Paradise in Capri

So here it is. My first post. At first I struggled to think what makes the perfect first post? As i’m sat here in the office, on a slooooowww Wednesday afternoon wishing I was somewhere exotic baking in the sun, the holiday blues are still here. Almost 3 weeks ago now that we jetted off to the coastal town of Napoli Italy for a long weekend treat. Naples is full of history, and if you’re in to cobbled streets, market stalls and traditional eateries, then it is 100% for you. We actually stayed in a not so central part of town, where locals spoke very little English and found a perfect authentic Italian apartment from Air B&B situated at the top of a (very steep) hill. The views were amazing!! But I want to tell you all about Capri..also known as the home of Hollywood. The small seaside island is about a 30 minute boat ride from Naples port and is home to a dozen of quirky Italian Souvenir shops, and little restaurants and cocktail bars. If you love seafood you will love Capri (unfortunately, I don’t).. If you visit, you have to go on a boat trip around the island, and visit the famous landmarks, the Blue Grotto, a beautiful hidden cave, and the famous Faraglioni – try not to get sea sick like me though! Here’s a quick snap of me enjoying the views at Italian sunshine! 400x400   It was the hottest day out of the 3, so I decided to wear something light, but easy to catch a tan in. You can’t see it here but I had my favourite Boohoo Cozzi on, ready for a dip in the sea, but layered with the most versatile Topshop LBD. Infact I have it in 3 colours. You can get this here. I topped this off with a choker o purchased from a market stall the day before, and my staple cat eye zara sunnies. I LOVE a cat eye. For those of you wondering about the hair, I only recently decided to brave it blonde, and I loved the idea of have beach locks, so I’m wearing the Natural Collection Juniper wig, which you can have a closer look at here. Enough out me though, I said I would share my fab experiences of the island so I will. My final tip if visiting the island, use your time wisely and head up to the centre of the island via the Funicular railway (yes these still exist and work). On the way up you’ll notice Villas placed on cliff tops and traditional Capri homes. When you get to the top, you will not forget the view.. Here was ours.. 400x400 capri Finally, It really is magical, and I can’t wait to go back. If you have any questions about where to go and what to see or do whilst in Napoli, please don’t hesitate. I’ll be happy to answer. I mentioned before that we booked with Air B&B so next time.. I’ll be writing about my experiences along with a little review. Ciao xx