Paradise in Capri

Paradise in Capri

So here it is. My first post. At first I struggled to think what makes the perfect first post? As i’m sat here in the office, on a slooooowww Wednesday afternoon wishing I was somewhere exotic baking in the sun, the holiday blues are still here. Almost 3 weeks ago now that we jetted off to the coastal town of Napoli Italy for a long weekend treat. Naples is full of history, and if you’re in to cobbled streets, market stalls and traditional eateries, then it is 100% for you. We actually stayed in a not so central part of town, where locals spoke very little English and found a perfect authentic Italian apartment from Air B&B situated at the top of a (very steep) hill. The views were amazing!! But I want to tell you all about Capri..also known as the home of Hollywood. The small seaside island is about a 30 minute boat ride from Naples port and is home to a dozen of quirky Italian Souvenir shops, and little restaurants and cocktail bars. If you love seafood you will love Capri (unfortunately, I don’t).. If you visit, you have to go on a boat trip around the island, and visit the famous landmarks, the Blue Grotto, a beautiful hidden cave, and the famous Faraglioni – try not to get sea sick like me though! Here’s a quick snap of me enjoying the views at Italian sunshine! 400x400   It was the hottest day out of the 3, so I decided to wear something light, but easy to catch a tan in. You can’t see it here but I had my favourite Boohoo Cozzi on, ready for a dip in the sea, but layered with the most versatile Topshop LBD. Infact I have it in 3 colours. You can get this here. I topped this off with a choker o purchased from a market stall the day before, and my staple cat eye zara sunnies. I LOVE a cat eye. For those of you wondering about the hair, I only recently decided to brave it blonde, and I loved the idea of have beach locks, so I’m wearing the Natural Collection Juniper wig, which you can have a closer look at here. Enough out me though, I said I would share my fab experiences of the island so I will. My final tip if visiting the island, use your time wisely and head up to the centre of the island via the Funicular railway (yes these still exist and work). On the way up you’ll notice Villas placed on cliff tops and traditional Capri homes. When you get to the top, you will not forget the view.. Here was ours.. 400x400 capri Finally, It really is magical, and I can’t wait to go back. If you have any questions about where to go and what to see or do whilst in Napoli, please don’t hesitate. I’ll be happy to answer. I mentioned before that we booked with Air B&B so next time.. I’ll be writing about my experiences along with a little review. Ciao xx


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