Appreciation for my faux croc skin boots

Faux croc skin boots

Yes, you read it right..

Appreciation for my faux croc skin boots. Aren’t they just delightful? You might recognise them from my previous post Payday Treats and they finally arrived. These beauties are from River Island and they might just be my wardrobe staple for Autumn and Winter.

Today I took these baby’s for a spin, and this is what I wore..

Outfit of the Day

In case any of you are wondering here are the outfit details. I love wearing khaki, mostly because it suits me, but this jumper mini dress was an absolute bargain from Primark at only £10. Couldn’t quite believe it. Paired it with a pair of tights, because I do have to go to work and slightly unshaven legs aren’t appropriate for the office. As it is still technically Summer, I didn’t want to wear a coat so a Zara sleeveless duster coat and some tousled locks later, my outfit was complete.

Let me know what you think of my outfit..

S x



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