Wearing a wig -My Journey

bobSo I’ve mentioned that I wear a wig, but I haven’t really gone in to the details. Seen as though it’s one of the main reasons I decided to start this blog, I thought that it’s only fair that I share my journey. The short version!

So a time where I can barely even remember I was diagnosed with Alopecia. The worst part about it, is that there is no reason, no answer and no cure and for a 10 year that is pretty tough! I remember the day that I decided enough was enough. It was time to take the plunge and get a wig. It was scary, but now its the norm for me.

There is nothing better than that new wig kinda feeling. The fresh fibres and bouncy locks which resemble a Loreal advert. Better than any blow dry. I suppose at first, I felt like people would know that I was wearing a wig. But eventually as I grew up, I realised that the important people that I surrounded myself with didn’t care if I had hair or not.

Now a wig is just part of who I am, so why not be selfish? I have a collection probably of about 15 different wigs now, and I get to take my pick each and every morning. Over the years my confidence has grown and I want to share my challenges and how to overcome them. There’s an important person in my life who has helped my confidence- I never imagined that I could really show my true self, my wig-less self to a BOY. YES A BOY. & even now a year on from the day I revealed all, he still claims that he prefers me with no hair at all! I can honestly say I am completely comfortable¬†with myself wearing a wig & every hair related challenge that comes my way I overcome. Even things so small..

One night out, when I was a student, after a few too many drinks and drunken hair flicks, I remember picking my wig and my dignity off of the dance floor embarrassed. I look back it now and howl with laughter! But these things happen and I learnt from it.

My stories, my experiences, and my advice. That’s what I want to establish on here. As well as my fabulous style (obviously) HA. Over time, i’ll be posting about the challenges anyone suffering from hair loss and wearing a wig might come across.

How it stays on? How to wash it? How to regain your confidence. I hope that my blog can help in some way shape or form. If not for advice, for laughs, because there’s a few good stories to read along the way!

I’ve added a a pic of todays wig. What do you think? I think it feels pretty natural but I’d love to know your opinion!

S x


3 thoughts on “Wearing a wig -My Journey

  1. Very Inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey and baring your soul. With two kids and half my life spent with Crohns disease, I have more hair than I ever thought I would and I am only thirty. For a woman to lose her hair, it’s a big deal and it’s really wonderful to know that there are other people who know what you are going through. I feel encouraged and inspired. May God Bless you in all areas of your life my dear.


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