Wearing a wig & exercise

So many people ask me this question.. How do you exercise wearing a wig? Does it stay on? Is it hot and itchy?

Exercise and sport have always been a huge part of my life ever since I was playing netball at school. Now i’m older and very body conscious, (probably a bit too hard on myself, so i’ve been told) so I try to keep in shape by going to outdoor fit camps 4 times a week. These are high intensity circuit training classes and we face all weather. I mean wind rain and snow!! I’ve got lotus fitness academy to thank for that (go check them out) but anyway..wearing a wig isn’t going to stop me from doing what I want.

If you know me, you’ll already know that i’m very motivated and ambitious so I’m not one to let something get in the way of achieving my goals, and neither should you! Yeah i’ve had a few wind swept scares in high force gales HA but so what? I put a hat on and I get on with it.

For me I prefer outdoor activities because it’s more exciting, and I get pushed to my maximum ability, but in terms of wearing a wig It also has it’s benefits. I used to go to a gym for years and every time, i’d step on the treadmill facing the condensated windows, surrounded by glamorous girls with a face full of make up.. and then there is me. Feeling conscious of my wig and the fact that I was sweating double the amount because it felt like I was wearing a hat!! To be honest, it’s much cooler exercising outside as silly as it sounds.

I suppose other problems that you might face if you’re a necessity wearer like me, is that you don’t want to ruin your beautiful wigs. Now that i’ve got a bit of a collection of wigs going on, i’ve kinda categorised them; every day use, going-out-out and then i’ve got some older wigs which I don’t wear as much and which are slightly shorter and easier to manage. These are my gym wigs!

reviteObviously excessive sweating at the gym is going to take some effect on your wig which is why it’s important to regularly wash them with shampoo specifically for synthetic wigs. You can buy these here. Then just spritz your wig with some revitaliser or conditioner and you’re good to go. If you’re a regular wig wearer, then you will know how easy it is to damage your wig, which is why I would stress that its important to wear one which has seen better days. One which you’re not all that excited about anymore. Only because we can try our hardest to keep our wigs in beautiful condition, or regularly wash and revitalise them, but once that fibres gone, it’s gone. I’ve added a pic of a product which I use and love..

Now it also depends what type of exercise that you do to, to know what lengths you’re going to go to for your wig to stay secure. But to be completely honest, i’m often sprinting up and down hills in wind and rain, with no wig tape and i’m just fine. All I wear at the moment is a wig cap, to keep any bits of hair that I do have (minimum) tucked in. This actually does the trick for me. Sometimes I’ll chuck a hairband on as well or a hat for some extra protection but I suppose with time, It’s just become the norm for me and I don’t actually worry about it.

I’m hoping that if anyone reading this is new to wearing wigs and has any of the above concerns, that eventually you’ll also just learn to live with it. It becomes a second nature with things like this. You just get used to it with practice. I promise 🙂

Ps. I tried my hardest to find a picture of me wearing a wig whilst exercising but apparently it doesn’t exist!! I’ll get you one next time and you can hold me to it!

Love s