New Years Resolutions

So i’ve just finished writing a looooong list of blog post ideas ready for 2017, and this year I am adamant that i’m going to commit to this blog. I love writing and blogging so it really needs to become a part of my weekly routine.

Alopecia and hair loss are taboo subjects and I really want my positive journey to help, encourage and inspire others. To be honest wigs don’t have to be functional, or just for people with hair loss. Wigs are fun, and I know so many people that wear wigs for fashion and cosplay.. which leads me on to my new years resolutions nicely.


+ blog about various topics. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to comment below

2. Travel

I reallllly want to make the most of this year and visit as many places as possible. Thailand is on the list but hopefully I can get some city breaks in between too. I’ll document my trips and all things wig related on the way!

3. Obviously the standard eat better, stay fit blah blah blah .. I do actually really enjoy keeping fit and the odd bit of cooking and this year I aim to do the Manchester Great Swim. Think you can’t do it wearing a wig? Watch me

4.  Train my naughty, mischievous little doggies. I need a miracle to be honest so any help is welcome haha!

5. Become a fully qualified (part time) make up artist. For those of you that don’t know i’m currently training in the art of make up. I love it, it’s more of a hobby at the moment but i love making people up when I have the chance to.

Ok, I think 5 is enough. I don’t want to over do it! I hope you all had a great new year. Here’s a little selfie from my new year wearing my new wig. & yes, i’ve got a fringe! Bit different for me, but I love it and it’s quickly become one of my go-to everyday wigs.

Ps. For anyone wondering about my make up products i’m using to get a flawless dewy look, i’m wearing Nars sheer glow foundation, Illamasqua skin base lift concealer, and Touche Eclat, and sleek highlighter.


Let me know what you think and if you have any resolutions for 2017. Let’s try stick to them!